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Knexers with Gmail Answered

How many of you knexers have gmail? I was wondering because we could group chat for knex if you did. If you have one, tell us so we can chat. Thanx!


Hey, I got Gmail.

 Every one invite me at greenfreak225@gmail.com but don't send me spam!

 Could some people invite me besides SN31! greenfreak225@gmail.com


No, I dont have Gmail or will. Just go to the 'ibles chatroom :-) Im there when Im on.

I know that can chat with MSN so you should add me. I never really chatted with you in real time personally.

I never MSN anymore :-( However, im always on the 'ibles chatroom when Im on the computer, so you could go there :-)

 I have one!!
mine is :


jwg11194@gmail.com if u spam me, i'll kill u! and not just u shadowninja.


9 years ago

JohnnyBoynton@gmail.com is my email, my names obvious enough.

hm... i already replied 2 that well anyways ive never seen anyone on there and gmail is better in my opinion and its email so everyone checks it.

yes but everyone checks email, for a group chat still requires multiple participants, and a chatroom is much simpler....

there is a greater chance for people to be on since people check there email everyday, for a extended period of time. as for the chat room, people check it and maybe wait for a minute or two before giving up.

well ok then. i guess if we needed to contact you like that we would pm you. ok

ha ha very funny... you know, ive never seen anyone that uses it...

If the second part of your comment wasn't sarcastic, and I'm assuming it's not, then here is my reply: If nobody uses that chat room, what makes you think people will use Gmail?

y not. its much better not to b mean to whoever made that chat and u can private chat by having a window open to them and a window with everyone for group chat

yeah. i know. but everyone checks their email everyday. not everyone checks that

"I dont I have like 600 emails in my hotmail" that sounds like you dont delete stuff.....

That it? I have over 2,000, my cousin is coming up nearly 21,000! No doubt some people have more...

people use gmail already for email. when the knexers go to look at there email and somebody is on they could talk. people use gmail everyday, and stay on for a extended period of time, unlike when they go the chat room, where they leave when nobody is there.

I know! I always have a tab open with my email and so i can chat whenever im on

you were one of the mods...... I remember.