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Knexwise, do you prefer decent iron sights or a decent dot sight? Answered

So which do you prefer...

which do you think would be more popular...

This should have really been a poll... but oh well.

I meant in terms of looks... because knex guns are so inacurate that it barely makes a difference...


Well I like a mix of both. Instead of having the dot inside the scope, I like to have the dot in the front of the gun so it functions like iron sights but has the feel of a red dot.


8 years ago

dot sights feel more accurate!

People can have their opinions, but in the real world, you can aim faster, easier, and with more acurracy.

but they do cost over a grand, have to be fitted correctly and have to be in decent light conditions to work well.. plus they have to have power.

Since when does a dot sight cost $1,000? Iron sights have to be fitted right and adjusted well too, and dot sights work in all light conditions, and very well in the dark, and the battery lasts weeks, because they barely use any power. I have actually used a dot sight, it is on my rifle, and it cost about $50, and was much more accurate than the iron sights. Have you ever used a dot sight, or do you even know anything about this topic?

aha youve caught me off guard on thos last questions, because i havent and i never will. however, i know for a fact that military grade dot sights do cost a lot more than $50 and some cost more than $1000s.

The US just doesn't use dot sights because they are spending too much money on M16s. The German army uses g36's which is a much better gun than the M16, and each one comes with a 3x scope and a dot sight built in, plus they are cheaper than the peice of trash M16. The US just doesn't want a german gun, they want to stick with American guns, even though they are worse. Even though most of that was pointless, the point is that dot sights are not that expensive, and are actually in use with other armies.

Actually, I heard from my brother that the SEALS are getting some UMPs. Of course...that was two years ago.

Woot! The US is actually getting a H&K gun! That is a massive improvement over the M16. Well, I guess some of the US forces are using MP5s, but they need more H&K and less Colt.

flawed knowledge there the M16 is out of comission in most places. they were focussing on the M4 carbine, but now they have turned their attention to the Mk16 (SCAR-L to you). true the G36 comes with a dot sight, but do you not think that adds a couple of G's to its price tag? the piece of trash M16 is also actually far more reliable than the G36, considering its age of design. also, i missed out the point that iron sights can account for the loss of height at distance... dot sights cannot...

The g36 is actually cheaper and a much better and more reliable gun than the M16. The g36 kills the m16 in reliability, you can fire the g36 submerged if you wanted to, with just the barrel poking out. m16 is an over complicated peice of crap. The g36 is a simple, rugged and reliable weapon, with a higher rate of fire and accuracy. The m4 is basically a shorted m16, it has the same internals. A properly sighted dot sight is more accurate than iron sights. A scope on a siper sits high on the gun, and yet it is more accurate than iron sights, yes? Same with dot sights.

id argue against that.

knex wise, you're dot isnt in the middle. knex wise, you're dot can be seen at any angle. knex wise, iron sights have to be lined up perfectly to work. knex wise, red dot sights can " work " at any angle. plus i prefer the looks of iron sights, and the way that they are unique to each gun.

in knex terms they are basicly the same thing...

Who is Erikos Kostarikos? That is my own dot sight I came up with without seeing anything else.

A few months ago. If he made a dot sight before, I did not and still don't know about it.

he made it a while ago, and i thought he was before you.

I have no idea, I just know that I did not copy anyone.

Well I prefer a good set of iron sights because there lower down on the weapon making them more accurate. But dot sights are cool looking they usually aren't accurate at all because there a inch taller then the iron sights. 

That would make hardly any difference.  You're probably having parallax problems.

I like dot sights, I think they are more open and easier to aim with, just put the dot on the target, even though knex guns aren't super accurate.  =P

For functional reasons- Iron. They're just more open usually with less obscurity. 
For aesthetic reasons- Dot. They do look better depending on how realistic you make them look. It's easy to mess up your aiming with these though as it's hard to level and center the sight on something.
But when in doubt, just make sure the gun has default iron sights with the ability for an optional dot sight attachment.

Does anyone else see the irony in having the dot sight on a shotbow?

Both of the oodammo stay in the circle formed by my dot sight during almost all of their flight, untill they hit the ground.

More people use ironsights, but I think dot sights are easier to aim.  However, they do require a part which I don't have.

Dot sights for competition and open sights for combat.

I like em both, technically they are actually the same with knex because there isn't a laser dot in knex guns


8 years ago

I prefer Iron sights

It depends..... CQB or mid range?

Overall, probabbly the m4a1 iron sights rule.... as of knex, Your ACR sights. good job!

I prefer the sights of iron (plastic really) cause I like it that way

I personally prefer iron sights generally, but it does depend on the situation.  However, I make all my weapons with flip down iron sights and a rail to install other sights etc.

.  This is an opinion question and much more appropriate in one of the fora.
.  I think knexpete did a good job of answering the question - it depends.

Mostly, it depends on whether the K'nexer is moving or stationary, and whether they're behind cover.

 well, it depends on the sights in question. I like any sight that is easy to use, accurate and not cluttered (i.e. both of the sights in the pictures) but in most cases, i prefer iron sights.