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Knife making tips Answered

Im new to instructables ive tried a few easy paracord projects but now want to try making my own knife I have a piece of 01 gauge 3mm high carbon steel and a few designs to start. I'm looking for some tips on shaping the blade, hardening and final sharpening. I'm sure there are lots of little tricks out there hopefully this way I won't have to learn them the hard way.



Hey thanks for the links they've got some good tips. I was wondering if its ok to use a sheet metal guillotine to cut out the rough shape of the metal I have access to one at work and it would save a lot of time?

In every source of information that I have read so far, an angle grinder has been used to cut the metal. I don't know the maximum thickness that a metal guillotine handles.

I've checked the guillotine and it will cut up to 4mm but only mild steel so it won't be able to handle the 01 steel. So I'l stick to the angle grinder.

Cheers il have a look I'm gonna try making it this week il post some pics of what I come up with.

If you do make one and add something new, different or creative (versus just following someone else's instructions), you can post an Instructable for it (just give credit to the project(s) you followed and include link(s). That way if you do make something original, and your project is featured, you'll earn yourself some free Pro-Membership. :-)

BTW, make sure you use the "Reply" button to member comments (otherwise they won't know that you left them a reply).

Ok thanks I'l take some pics as I go along and post what i come up with. I've got my design ideas for knifes I've seen that I can't afford lol so I'm going to start with one of them then try making my own design after. Thanks for the tips.