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Kriss Super V (Vector for you COD fans) Answered

I've finally gotten around to finding my camera, and well, I figured I might as well put something up, considering I havent done that in a while.  What we have here is a Vector done around the tds slant design. This allowed for the closest and most realistic feel. (it may not look it in the picture but the slant does feel just right, even though its about 10 degrees off) the handle is quite comfortable and the stock is moderately sturdy. the magazine isn't finished yet but it will fire grey connectors with the little green pegs. the front handle is actually quite... poor and doesent support much weight at all. If anyone has ideas for that let me know. the underbarrel ( where the handle is) and the first 12 inches of the gun have rail support and I am pretty sure the reflex sights that worked with barrax's ACR would be compatible for now, at least until I make my own. Has a "creative" trigger that hasn't been tested so, "we shall see" The rear portion of the gun that isnt filled up (cuz I know its driving you all crazy) is so you can pull back the charging handle, which ends up making the gun shorter.  This is good because this vector is not only a vector, its a replica :) The gun only varries by about 1 inch from front to back and by about half an inch from top to bottom.  If anyone has any suggestions let me know.

Just linking to the new slideshow, it has the latest pictures:

V 1.0 General frame with huge open area
V 2.0 The one thats not open, has a stronger foregrip and a black dot sight :), and the stock is epic
V 2.1 Added a trigger guard


The point of a dot sight is so no matter your position relative to the sight, the dot always shows up, on the lens, on what the gun is pointed at like a laser pointer with infinite range.

Ok? That is practically impossible with a knex gun... save for if you put a real dot sight on the gun, which is relatively useless...

Actually, it's not useless. You just have an accurate sight.

ha.. yea I guess they are, but for a knex war... I just don't see anyone going out and spending that kind of money on a sight, for a gun, whose accuracy lies in its first 30 ft...

mUcH bEtTeR!!!!

Thanks, I think ima try and fix it up a bit more, make some attatchments, and start the instructable today

Putting up a slideshow right now, I made the handle sturdier.  The slideshow will hopefully let more people see it before I post.

Okay, okay, sounds good....

Did you try the link I put in the forum? or did that not work (the link to the slideshow)

You figured out what I ment, and thanks for the first rating :)

looks okay, it still needs work on most of the angles and you should make the stock sturdier.

I actually figured out how to make the back end solid, as we speak I'm working on it. also got the angle figured out, stock is going to be re-done. think of this as v 1.0 :) I'm actually now really proud of the angle.

much better, this deseves a 4*.
 and this made me laugh: "center the little black nob and shoot!"

Thanks, What do you think it needs to get a little more "edge". also, thank you for laughing at my mediocre comedy attempt :)

I agree with logic boy.
Some of the angles are wrong...

same response as to logic boy, I am fixing that right now, and, I have fixed the open back end. but, the stock still sucks
any ideas?

Make a different stock, or make it thicker... I'll show you a pic if you want.

Is the pic the same as the one I have up there? if not post the pic, Right now the stock is the last thing I'm working on. I should have new pictures up around 9-10  o'clock EST tonight

Never mind, my idea wont work.

all right, thanks for the thought. I have a stock put together right now, just working on making the gun more sturdy. Should have pictures up around 9-10 ish like stated before. and if theres time I will work on some optics

What do you think now?


8 years ago

pretty nice!