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LAN Party Bag Answered

I need to build a LAN Party Bag.  Or rather, a LAN Party Bag that needs to hold 3 monitors, along with a desktop.  I had a few metal-related ideas, but sadly, no welding equipment.  The computer weights 100+ lbs, so I can't use anything too cheap.  The monitors are 19" widescreens.  Plastic is too brittle, wood would have to be way too thick, and I don't have welding resources, materials, or equipment.  I don't expect to be wearing it, but rather rolling, then lifting into the car, and out when I arrive.  One idea is to maybe buy a hand truck, and mount sheet metal to the back (side facing wheeler), line with insulation, and put clips along the sides and bottom (the backpack-style clip-and-socket).  Any ideas are welcome.


Look at what all the roadies use to move musical, photography and electronic equipment. ATA rated travel cases that are made from 3/4 plywood box with a plastic laminate covering bound on the edges with aluminum or plastic bumper strips, wheel casters and recessed handles. You can get foam to custom configure the inside to form fit your equipment. Think about rack mounting the PC so all you have to do is spool out the cables and fire it up. Rock and roll.

> rack mounting the PCso all you have to do is spool out the cables and fire it up
.  Most excellent idea, dude!

OK, even though you don't have a backstage pass, I'll let you in because you look cool. But stay away from the geek groupies...you might not be able to handle them.