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I didn't know where else to post this - let me know if I should repost it elsewhere.

I'm looking for plans{?} for a laser beam "expander" that doesn't cost hundreds of US dollars. {I'm on a BUDGET.}

Short version of why: If you read my profile, my hobbies include 'Kite Aerial Video'. Basically, it's aerial video shot by a camera suspended from a kite line. {Usually done that way versus putting the cam directly on the kite.} I'm 'researching' using a laser {or lasers} for night time illumination with a miniature low-light video camera for wildlife / nature observation. Most of the stuff I need - including the vid cam and laser - aren't too expensive. However, the cheapest expander I have found was over $300 USD. I was hoping I could find something cheaper here.

I know someone who did something similar with a Generation 3 night vision monocular. However, a Gen 3 night vision imager is too expensive for me. And for KAV, the cheaper Gen 1 & 2 imagers won't work.

Thanks in advance.

-Allan, aka RocKiteman
N.E. North Carolina, USA



A beam expander is basically a simple telescope. All the information you could need is here - http://www.edmundoptics.com/technical-support/lasers/beam-expanders/ If you go to a surplus store, you could probably find cheap lenses to make something a lot cheaper.

Roger all that, zygo. Thanks for the reply. Have a GREAT weekend! -Allan, aka RocKiteman Northeastern North Carolina, USA

You saw what I did, experiment with cheap lenses?