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LCD Monitor not working Answered

i have a lcd moniter (acer V233H 22inch)
but overnight it stoped working it will turn on  then display a black screen 

PS my cable works if you need more ifo than that comment

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mpilchfamilyBest Answer (author)2014-06-21

The most common problem is the back light is out. Does anything get displayed when you go through the screen's menu and settings? If not try shinning a bright light into the screen and see if you can see the image. If you can it's the back light and it's likely a cap has blown in the inverter. Which can be easily replaced.

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FarmerKJS (author)mpilchfamily2014-06-21

it does show a screen that says cable unpluged when its unpluged if i plug it into my hdmi adapter it says no signal but when it gets plugged into my computer it turns black so all i see is the back light

PS my cable and adapter work i testeded them on a tv

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FarmerKJS (author)2014-06-21

Never mind after my cable fell out i re plugged it in(thats was the tenth time) and it magicaly works again but thanks anyways

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