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LCD with Ribbon Cable connecting to Webcam. Answered

I am trying to build a device that will simply display a webcam on a LCD screen I pulled from a palm pad(or something similar) with a on-off switch.

However I have no real knowledge of screens or cameras, the LCD has a 40 pin(if I counted right) ribbon cable, and a second ribbon with about 5 pins(the touch screen part?) and the webcam obviously uses a USB.

How would I go about setting up the two with a battery and an on-off switch?

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caitlinsdad (author)2010-11-27

Bare LCD screen components are useless without the accompanying hardware driver circuits, software drivers for the LCD panel to communicate and convert the input, and the hardware interface. So, you need to have the proprietary components of the Palm device to get the LCD up and running and then you would have to figure out how to input the webcam to a working Palm to show up to the screen. Webcams only dump out a signal to say what it sees at each pixel of the sensor. You still need a "brain" to convert that to an image to display.

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Fridge Gnome (author)caitlinsdad2010-11-28

I still have the circuit boards, is it possible to determine what part of the circuits are the "brain" and then add a usb port?

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guyfrom7up (author)2010-11-27

short of extreme electronic engineering with fpga's and shenanigans like that this is impossible

you could just get a cheap composite compatable screen with a "nanny cam" with composite out from a site like dealextreme or ebay.

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Fridge Gnome (author)guyfrom7up2010-11-28

I'm having trouble finding something like this, I want it to be pocket sized, but most things that come up are portable DVD players.

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guyfrom7up (author)Fridge Gnome2010-11-28

Whats the project in mind?

Various Screens:

Various Cameras:

just connect any 2 of these and apply power

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Fridge Gnome (author)guyfrom7up2010-11-29

Those will work great, thanks.

I play airsoft, and I wanted something so that I could see around corners and have some sort of night vision device.

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guyfrom7up (author)Fridge Gnome2010-11-30

haha cool, a bit of a warning:
dealextreme is a great site with unbelievable prices and free shipping, but shipping takes like 3 or 4 weeks

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