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LCDs from electronic devices. Answered

Dear fellow members. I have various LCDs from various devices (digital camera, mp3 players etc) that I wish to use. One has a 24 'pin' ribbon, another one is 20, and sure i have manny other ranges too. How can I get these bad boy's running? /experiment to find out which 'pin' does what? Is there any standards in regards to LCD displays? Unfortunatly, these displays don't have part numbers intact so i can't exactly look it up either. So basically i'm looking for a way to use an unknown LCD, or are they only fit for the bin? Thanks in advance, Luke.




10 years ago

> Is there any standards in regards to LCD displays?
For character mode displays in the 8 to 48 character range, an awful lot of them use a similar controller roughly compatible with the Hitachi HD44780, for which there is LOTS of information on the net. Graphics controllers and other text formats are less well documented, though figuring out how to drive displays that hit the surplus market in large quantities is almost a hobby with some people. See for instance EIO's LCD forums or EarthLCD forums
Spending time figuring out individual LCDs extracted from random gear is getting close to the "waste of time" category, give than surplus displays with SOME documentation are so cheap. I've got my own collection, but I think I've about given up unless they look like they might have the 44780.

For a pretty cool example of someone reverse-engineering such a display, see This account.

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Hi guys, sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your responses., Westfw those links are superb. Havnt had a chance to read them in much detail, but they are very usful anyway. Much appreciated, Thanks, Luke,

Hmmm I reckon look for devices with similar displays... or buy up stuff with bust screens that you have the screen for on ebay make a bit of money and repair some good stuff... also look for items such as crappy little video cameras, mine is in bis waiting to become a better piece of kit once I find an appropriate casing, and I may add a proper lense assembly in front of the awful fixed focus tripe that's attached to it.... Sorry went off on one there, I must get round to having a poke inside my broken portable dvd player if the screen's the right pin out then it could minified... Also you could use them to add secondary displays to devices.