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I'm not kidding, I am leaving ibles, but I probably won't sell my knex. I'll hang around for 3 days, then that will be all for me. Its mainly because I get too many comments and I can't reply to them because of my crappy computer. It takes 1.5 hours to do it. If you have replied to one of my comments, and I haven't answered, post it here.


It's weird not having Aeronous whine about this being a "publicity stunt" or something.

What? No I just came back to unsubscribe to ibles so I wouldn't get all the spammy emails.

i kneow youre still on you snet mail to me a few days ago

WHAT THE HELL. 1 week ago he WANTED to buy knex, now he's like LEAVING . WHY IS EVERYONE SO CHAGEABLE??????????????? I ignore most comment, just post on your profiole that you can'ty answer comments.

Yeah! To tell the truth, Visper123 is leaving, and is being replaced by Aeronous.

Ah, I see, so that is why your picture is of clouds, AEROnus, but there is no need to have a big stress and put up this topic, everyone has a 'bad computer day', that was no reason to make you leave.

Oh no, here, my comment to DJ talking about Aeronous; "Because he is my friend, and he is really good with knex, better than me, so he may aswell take my account. Then he has a prebuilt rep, which shouldn't go to waste."

then go make a "really good gun" coz your "really good with knex"

I'm way better then you and all your horrid guns. I'm still working on my crossbow.

O RLY????????????????? What about I_Am_Canadian's cross bow???????????!!!???????????????????????

Thats Knex Gun Builders, have you got some defect? Or are you joking?

*Puts hand on head* *sighs* *mumbles* Knex gun buliders P90 is awesome!!!

Thanks :D Visper gave me his account. I got 58 subbers with it!