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LED Christmas Lights? Answered

I'm a freshman in college right now and I really want to spruce up my suite and room a little for Christmas. So Christmas lights would come to mind to display at my suite's door, but because of fire hazard rules/laws we can't have extension cords. I think I also read that we can't have Christmas lights period. So I started thinking I could make something out of LED lights to attach to our door so people walking by can see. I was thinking maybe an outline of a Christmas tree made of green LEDs would be cool or putting LEDs inside a wreath to light it up. Which would be the best way for me to power all of the LEDs? I've never worked with LEDs before, so this would be new to me but I really want to put something together. I basically want to chain a bunch of LEDs together, power them with batteries, and have the ability to turn them on at night and off in the morning. So, any ideas would help a lot. Maybe a point in direction.



10 years ago

In Canada all the led Christmas lights I saw were in direct plug in to the 115 volt electrical outlet (mains for you guys from the U.K.) Also, I have seen replacement automotive bulb units that work on 12 volts d.c. I guess whatever is available in a country depends on the market. Most of the product I see is made in China anyway, so whatever is available depends on having an importer.

I expect the plug was actually a wall-wart, transforming and rectifying the current into something LED-friendly.

probably, or they could have had all of them in series.

Ummmm.... Do you not have those kit's for sale in shops?? In Aus it seem's to be the new thing, well it was out last christmas... Batt powered and solar LeD lights.... Some of them are already in tree shape and wreath's but most just strings... This would be alot cheaper, if you could find a set then fashion it to your tastes. ;)