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LED Light for videography Answered

How would one go abobut making a light panel for videography lighting? There's a company already making these - but prices are unaffordable. An instructable for a 1x1ft panel would be awesome! (See: http://www.s131567196.onlinehome.us/) - or google lite panels.
I love Dan's RGB light! Would be great for lighting backdrops!

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cuitla (author)2010-07-03

I concur. A 1x1 LED panel instructable would make me so happy. Especially if some smart person could add a dimmer and make the whole thing either camcorder battery powered OR AC powered (like if you want DC, do it this way; if you want AC, do it this way). Please. I'm begging you.

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chefmichel (author)2008-12-22

Yes, indeed, an instructable for a 1x1 feet LED panel would be great. Anyone who build it ? Does anybody knows what LED to use to get 5600 Kelvin or 3200 Kelvin ?

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