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LED Lights don't attract bugs Answered

Everyone hates the bugs that gather around lamps and other lights. Everyone loves LEDs. Apparently LED light bulbs don't attract the bugs the same way as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs do, as they don't put out UV light.

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6 years ago

Deliberately joined to revive this dead subject!

Firstly, did anyone ever make any progress with building and successfully using an LED based moth lure/trap?

Secondly and if yes, any advice?

I am currently in the process of building a lure/trap that will use reflected wavelengths (interchangeable LED head) based on the principle that Moths (as pollinators) and flowers (as pollinatees) see and reflect UV light respectively and if that is true then surely i can take advantage of this to build a targeted trap to trick the moths in. note i will be testing UV wavelength (365nm), violet (400nm) IR and white LEDs

Also, to avoid the above 'woo-woo': Plants under UV: Here
here are also a number of paper on moth nectar plants and tests to see if insects can really see in UV but a quick 'google' will find you them.


8 years ago

Interesting info thanks

Not only is the central claim wrong (I frequently find insects all over our LED camping lanterns), but the reason they give is also wrong - sure, some insects can see UV, but they are attracted to normal tungsten-incandescent bulbs which radiate mainly in the red end of the spectrum, not the blue.

(As an aside, one of the signs of a woo-woo claim like this is a failure to post a source or reference for the claim.)

A quick google found this study which show that UV and Blue light are the most attractive to insects.

Most attractive, not the only attractive. All the major groups of insects were attracted to all the colours in the sudy.


8 years ago

Well that is intersting.

It's not news to me. Some where in my mind a phrase is forming, I've got these words so far: "Sherlock" & "no"... L


8 years ago

What! :o