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LED Pizza Delivery Car Toppers Answered

Hi, I'd like to replace wired lights in our pizza car toppers, which run through windows into cig lighter, or run into hood and attach directly to battery -- with --- LED lights mounted in the car toppers, but wired so on and off switch is mounted on outside of car topper.

This way there are no wire outside of the car topper, and drivers could just flip the switch on car topper itself to turn on and off.



4 years ago

A wind generator could charge a battery for LED lighting and a photovoltaic solar cell charger could help on slow days.

Whether your using a 12V bulb in the sign or a bunch of LEDs that will likely need a 12V power source you'll need to have a battery of some sort in the sign. Then the store or the drivers will have to either have an easy way to replace the battery or plug it in somewhere to charge. As i see it this will mean one of 2 outcomes. The store has to buy additional rechargeable batteries for the drivers to change out and plenty of chargers to keep the batteries fresh and ready to go. Or the drivers will be forced to buy batteries all the time and possibly have a sign that doesn't light at all most of the time. Plus if they have to deal with a switch on the sign than drives will likely forget to turn them off and kill the batteries more quickly.