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LED Scanner Answered

Does anyone know how to make a Knight Rider style LED Scanner (the light bounces from one end to the other) ? I've searched the forums and didn't find anything like this.. I would really like to use 7 LED's BTW - This forum rocks! I've tried some of the projects(USB Charger, small LED stuff etc) and they've all turned out great! Thanks in advance!


The Arduino design environment has an example to do exactly this. More expensive than getting the parts for a one-off but you could customise it as much as you like, and then use it as a stepping stone to the world of microcontrollers.


11 years ago

If you want a simple solution there's lots of kits for what you describe... you could get one and reverse engineer it, something like that. If you want to make it yourself, those solder it yourself kits too. Think "counter" ic's and 555 timers. If you figure out how, post an instructable! hope this helps,