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LED Scoreboard Answered

My name is Tom, i am new to instructables and to advanced electronics in general.
I want to make a LED Scoreboard which can display two scores (each on a different display) i also had an idea how to make the display.
The idea is placing red LED's under plastic cutouts of a classic 7 segment digit board (ilustrated on the picture), the problem is that other than that i have no idea where to start and nor what to look for so any help is appreciated.

P.S. I can solder, but that's about it that i can think will be useful to this project.

Thanks in Advance


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caitlinsdad (author)2013-10-18

https://www.instructables.com/id/Remote-Controlled-Arduino-Scoreboard-using-LED-Str/ There are probably other designs out there, this may be a bit advanced  Good luck.

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yokozuna (author)2013-10-18

I've looked at doing this exact project before using 10 position switches, however you will need a ton of diodes to keep it from feeding back and lighting all the LEDs you don't want lit up. There are far cheaper options, at some point I hope to do an instructable on turning a flatscreen tv into a scoreboard (requires tv, two iOS devices, Bluetooth, and a $40 cable). They could also be linked to multiple monitors, replicating the scoreboard as many times as you want.

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yokozuna (author)yokozuna2013-10-18

By the way, here is what the app looks like:

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