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LED Spray Can Answered

Halo is an LED spraypaint can by French designer Aissa Logerot.
The LED light changes colors and brightness and is powered by an internal battery that can be charged by shaking of the can.

"It is possible to change the color and the brightness of the led to change the graffiti's styles. If the light doesn't have enough battery, the user must shake it to have energy again."

Built on the same principle as LED Light Drawing Pens but with a cool sray can apperance

via Geekologie

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ShaunHill (author)2011-11-13

I want one of these, where can I get it?

I don't know how I would go about making one... How would the LED spray top work and how does it generate it's own power by shaking?

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DebH57 (author)2009-08-16