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LED Throwies Kit?!?! Answered

I was surfing some electronic websites this morning and I came across a kit that looked surprisingly like an LED Throwie. Except that this was called an LED "Art Object" Kit.

LED "Art Object" Kit

Here is the description of the kit:Kit consisting of a small 3V BR2032 Lithium battery, a 10mm clear lens blinking red LED and a small rare earth super magnet. No soldering necessary -Just connect up the LED to the leads of the battery. Use clear tape (not included) to attach the super magnet to the battery. You are now ready to throw your miniature bright red "piece of art" onto any steel structure where it will flash for days. Complete with magnet, LED, battery and diagram.


Looks like a copy, but you never know... I had an idea for portable battery powered LEDS, then I took apart one of those lighters with built in LEDs... Just three little batteries in a plastic injected housing, even has a crude on off switch. All it was missing was a magnet...

Yea, I agree that they should. The idea and concept it exactly the same, the materials used might be different though, and also the way they are set up.

They really should be giving GRL credit as this is an LED throwie. Someone needs to start selling kits here, anyone?