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LED flash grenade? Answered

I am trying to make an LED flash grenade that I can use for airsoft/paintball. Basically I want it to countdown (from around 6-9 seconds just long enough to push the button and toss it into a room) and when it reaches 0 it would turn on multiple LED's (in a 360 degree pattern) but only for a brief period. (just long enough to temporarily blind someone.) I am pretty new to electronic circuits. I think I would use a 555 timer but not sure. What would be the easiest way to do this? Thanks in advance for the help.



8 years ago

I beg to differ with the brightness. I have been using these 360k mcd white 1W LED's for the garden and looking straight at them from a distance of 5 meters is blinding. If you were to use a Hexagonal shape, 2 x 9 volt batteries and the circuit from the link below you would get a strobe effect on all sides. http://wild-bohemian.com/electronics/flasher.html Change the 470 ohm resistors to 33 ohm resistors if you were using LED's with a voltage for 3.4 volts at 100mAh. Just insert 2 more LED's on each side of the circuit, and attach 2 9Volt batteries instead of 1. As for a pull pin effect, just make 2 pieces of metal, attached to the circuit where you want the switch, and have a non conducting piece of material sandwiched in between them like below. 0 | ----/ | \---- Hope this helps.

maybe with a BIG capacitor...


10 years ago

Anyone here ever stare into a Petzl 'Tikka' headlamp, in the dark? LEDs can serious muck-up your night vision. Due the large # of LEDs you'd need for spherical coverage, I wonder if you could use a parabolic mirror like the one shown in the pic (this is a one-shot 360 VR panoramic camera attachment.) The LEDs would shine straight up at the mirror.... Just a thought...they'd lose some of their intensity due to the parabola.


If you plan on temporarily blinding a person, you need more than LEDs. Flash-bangs use a chemical reaction to achieve a bright enough flash to temporarily blind someone, granted it also has a deafening bang to make them deaf, but best of luck.

Well I was trying to stay away from chemicals and the only other thing I could think of was LEDs. Is there some other kind of light that might work? I've seen some pretty bright LED flash lights out there, do you think something like would work? (think there called Luxeon LEDs) It doesn't really have to blind them I guess more of just a distraction.

a battery, a capcator, a trigger, and a flashbulb(s) may be more in line with what you are after.

that'd be the best solution for an electronic version, all you need is a couple of disposable cameras, you can buy just the innards for a couple of dollars online. People say go to walmart and ask for old ones, but when I went there the person says it has deadly stuff in there than can elecrocute you. which is not true and it'd just give you a nasty shock/ vibrating feeling (it felt wierd when I acidently shcoked myself!). What you need to do is build a capacitor charger (seen in someother instructable) to charge the flash caps, a 555 timer, and a transistor or a relay.

Well, shoot. If you want something to distract them, here is a sonic grenade. From what I hear from other people this thing is LOUD.


Check that out and you will probably like it. I'm sure if you wanted to you could make something like that. It's a good project, but it would not be as intimidating as a grenade would be. ha ha

Even with a pitch black, dark room it may be hard to achieve the brightness you are asking for with LEDs. As for the timer, yes the 555 would be more than adequate.