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LED focussing? Answered

How much can you focus a standard 5mm LED? (i.e how tight can you get the beam)



Best Answer 8 years ago

If you use the right lens and it is adjustable you CAN focus an led to a nice tight point.

It will not be a laser, but and led just puts our light and light can be focused.

A little distance in front of or behind the focus point and it won't be focused anymore.

There are ways to make the beam almost linear but it still won't be a laser.

So....you can get most of the light into a few strands of fibre optic cable?

Well, I didn't say anything about fiber optic cable but you could do that.

Use what lens?Can mirrors do the same effect?(ps if you can, please reply as fast as you can,im forgetfull)


8 years ago

No, LEDs are not lasers.