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LED-lit K'Nex rollercoaster Answered

Check out this Flickr image of a long exposure LED K'Nex rollercoaster.

from the author:
Well I got a K-NEX roller coaster for Christmas, and for fun I disassembled one of the cars and mounted an LED light on it. I then set my camera to do a 15 second exposure and TA-DA!

Trainman, this is perfect for your stuff!

via Evil Mad Scientist.


This is amazing! And yes, this is perfect for Trainman, he could add LEDs to the balls and stuff. Here's the picture if some people don't want to click the link.


that would be amazing - imagine that huge super complex tower that he posted a pic of in his instructable with like ten led balls zooming down it! insanity!

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Thats cool

i already put LEDs in to a knex thing. click on my name and go to the forum topic named LED lit knex target.


10 years ago

Sweet. As soon as I'm done with my current projects, I'll build some ball machines and whatnot, really show what I can do.