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LED strips design? Answered

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How are these LED strips wired? I know they must be in parallel but what kind of resistors and how many LEDs per parallell? If anyone has a diagram of a good layout on how to string up 48 green LEDs with a 12v power supply, it'd be much appreciated.




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Micro_soft (author)2009-04-20

to make LEDs 12 volt without popping them including the 12 volt LEDs you need 10 ohm resistors and 390 ohm resistors wired into the positive side of the LEDs. after getting about 1000 LEDs free (no joke on the number) I have learned this.

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guyfrom7up (author)2007-11-09

Ibelive that you might not even use a resistor because it might be integrated, for both of them says operates on 12 volt. I think that they used LEDs in series, and put those series in paralllel

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mrshow555 (author)guyfrom7up2007-11-09

What do you mean integrated?

I found this link that kind of explains it, but what' s a conventional switching diode?


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Goodhart (author)mrshow5552007-11-09

the 1N4148 switching diode example allows flow in one direction. This prevents a reverse current from blowing the LED. One must figure in the voltage drop across the diode though....

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