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LED workgloves, any interest? Answered

Ever needed both hands in a dark place? Wanted all the light in the world at your fingertips? Fingeritivley speaking that is. Haven't seen these before, but i'm sure they exist. Seems simple and works better than what I had expected. The principle should explain itself, but if anyone would like "steps" then I can put an "Ible" together. Led workglove; Self contained battery pack with rechargable "flat" 3.6v Lithi-ion. Now just to get a Dremel and blowtorch in there. So did I do good, or have you seen better? Feel free to comment.


A car-mechanic friend has a pair of these (though they only have a light on the index finger). He was so pleased with them he flattened the battery showing them off.

Yes I have done that myself several times now. Luckily the circuit board was from a dynamo torch so a quick plug-in of the motor mech and hey presto fully charged gloves.

Look useful. I'll think about making some

Almost worth building just for sheer awesomeness factor.... Random stranger No.1 ~ "Damn I wish I had bought my torch with me, I can't see what I am doing" LftnDbt ~ "Excuse me sir, did you say that you needed some light? Here you go, FROM MY FINGER TIPS MMMmmWAHAHHA HA HA!!!!"

I was thinking a dremel stylus modded and sewn to the back of the wrist of the glove. I can mod a lance and connect it to the back of the index finger. The collet section shall be located at the finger tip allowing such attachments as cutting disk, sander barrel etc. May be more practical than a tube laser...

Oh so pretty....








from a distance of 1metre


Circuit board


Wow those pics came up good.... hold on a sec.

. I like it! I can see those being real handy underneath a car at night.

Or under a car at anytime for that matter. Lots of little dark places that no torch and hand will fit into. Thanks for your comment.

ESPECIALLY under the car. I have had the VERY scary experience of working under a car and having to pull the gas line off and plug it "quickly" with a pencil....gasoline splattered all over and I had a high intensity lamp under there with me to see with....I could have become a cinder....the LED's would not be hot like these bulbs were (in the event of a leak or whatever) and so wouldn't burst (and expose a glowing element) if some liquid hit them.


10 years ago

So what are you waiting for - post it already! ;-) Looks very slick. I'd love to see a little video showing them "in action" as well...

I will try tonight... I'll post several picks of it in action soon. I'll take them now.

That's really cool! You should totally do an 'ible.

Thankyou. Yes it is cool isn't it.. I have a unhealthy addiction to LED's(their so pretty). I'm looking for more power though. I should easily have enough room (to still be comfy to wear) to add another circuit board,batt, and 3 more LED's... Now that will be some serious light.

Question: on the opposite end from the LED (of the raised area), is that a switch or another LED ?

Nope it's just a molding on the knuckle rubber pad.... Was initially going to implant LEDs in knuckle area due to that nice little Led sized hole, yet that angle wouldn't be the best for directing the light towards what your working on. The light wouldn't clear the rubber pad to reach finger tips. The circuit board,batt and switch are located in the wrist strap area.

You know, that would be the kind of thing that would be great for field testing. In other words, if it worked as well as it looks it might, one could "work on a few things in the dark" to see just how much assistance they gave.

Yes, definatley will be the next step. Alas at the moment I am having to much fun blinding people with my light glove.... only jk's.. well maybe just the GF. ~*SLAP*~ ouch... But some tests have been done. The light produced is more than adequate to soldier circuits boards or any other fine project in complete darkness... I particularly like the fact that I managed to get it in an "IRONCLAD" ranchwork glove.... Kevlar inserts/finger tips etc... Nice gloves..

seems like the leds would be facing the wrong way and you'd have to use one hand as a flashlight, thus not making any progress.

Hmmmm, the glove is lying flat. Hence due to human anatomy the hand does not function the majority of time in that particular position. The majority of time spent working, the fingers are curled for griping purposes making the LED;s is not such a bad position. These are skin tight gloves and the position of LED is governed by the depth available to work with. Given that the position was optimum for what I had. Both hands have the LEd's in them, so no one hand flashlight impeding progress you just put them on and work... Not sure were your going with that because without the gloves would'nt that be the normal process "one hand flashlight, one hand working" would it not? ;)