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LEDs keep on taking over. Excellent. Answered

It's no secret that we love using LEDs for our projects. They sip power and are fantastically tiny. You can even get an introduction to how they work with just an LED and a coin battery. If you haven't used one yet, make it a new year's resolution to make one light up this year. If you want to complete any resolutions, that'll be one of the easiest.

Yesterday's announcement of the Macbook Air in San Francisco pushes the LEDs further. This isn't the first laptop to have it, but it's a dramatic display of how far the tech has come and how far it needs to go. LEDs aren't perfect for every use, but they hopefully will be someday.

According tothis article some of the current goals are for better whites, deep-UV, and quantum cryptography. All of which sound pretty tasty.

But what about you? What do you want from LEDs that you don't see just yet?


Those lenses are sweet! They can't even handle Pong right now, but I'd love to have some augmented reality lenses.

I love how you can use them as a photodiode with reverse polarity, too.

One of my projects takes advantage of that to make a touch screen...

Oh, I will :P (And probably sell kits) BTW: By "touch screen", I don't mean a computer monitor :P I mean a ~60 pixel 1-bit display ;-)

If you made a touch screen monitor for your computer, you could get one of those desks that have the bottom cover or something under it. Then, open that up, put the monitor in there, and then it would be sticking up, and it could be a touch screen, that would be awesome! And you could also make the mouse your finger, or a stylus, like in the Nintendo DS, and the keyboard could be something like one of those small rubberish keyboards they have in the BOSE stores.

Yeah... but that's not what I'm doing... You're going down a completely different road :P This is used in an embedded enviorment... it doesn't hook up to a computer, although theoretically, it could...

I'm curious what the upper limit on LED physical size is...I have some 10mm (I think) LEDs, but would it be possible to make a super-duper-mega-ultra-LED the size of a standard lightbulb? I'd like to see LED lightbulbs become more common. While they may not be much, if any, more efficient than a CFL, they should last longer than the house, and if a single LED dies, anyone on this site could replace it. Lighting a room by placing a huge LED array behind a diffused plastic ceiling would be interesting.

Someday I'd like to see an LED with 3 leads like a transistor, where the emitted wavelength is variable. I think that with the increasing numbers of screens and light sources using LEDs, our lives will become less vibrant due to never experiencing the full spectrum.

That might be possible . . . sorta. But the chemistry required to create different wavelengths is fairly incompatible with other wavelengths. Which is essentially why no person can see in ultraviolet. The chemistry for it is not encoded in our DNA so our body never constructs the right tissues. And I think they are vastly different from the tissues we use for perceiving visible light.

I love LEDs as well. I want them to be efficient enough to replace all my lights.

I, for one, welcome our new LED overlords....

I've been waiting for LED back lights for awhile - especially when I had to replace my CC tube in my laptop :p

It would be a good idea in a refrigerator - as not to have light coming from one source at a lower power cost -- I have a compact fluorescent in my fridge already (that's a reduction in power consumption by 80%) :D

More powerful whites are def. needed - I've got 4 luxeons with projector lenses for my bike light... And it just doesn't cut it when there's not other source of light (but it's close and better than nothing)...

I'd also love to see a DED - darkness emitting diode :p

I think the DED would be a LAD -- Light absorbing diode ;P

No no... It's got to emit it :p Saying "DED Light" just sounds so much more.... meaningful :p

I love LEDs, and it is great that finally a large number of people are learning the great use that they can serve.

I'm gonna use LEDs in my cell project, they'll represent ribosomes.

It'd be nice for LED panels and strips to be cheaper/more accessible for home lighting..LED light bulbs, too.

I predicted this a while ago. Worship me.