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my 8 year old just got a lego mindstorm and we need help with what to make and programming. He has a creative mumma (artsy fartsy) and a mechanic dad. any help or ideas would be great. Thanks


http://Nxt programs - fun projectsMy school has lots of mindstorms stuff at lego club so i am an expert and here is a great website to choose something . It also has instructions.

If the link does'nt work here is the website.

NXT programs.com

Hi! I've been building with Lego Mindstorms since 1999, and I found over the years that the best resources are the books from Apress and No Starch Press. However, if you don't want to buy a book, the best resource would be the website: www.nxtprograms.com This website helped me in many competitions and the author provides step by step instructions as well as ready to download programs!

Hope this helps you :D

 i competed in the mindstorm competition and I suggest you start with the basics like a car then get more advanced there are a bunch of ibles on this topic

 Im 13 and I have Mindstorms try building a claw that fits on your arm with a switch to open and close it. The programing should'nt be to hard on that. If you ask nicely i might even post an instructable on it

My son 11 has a lego mindstorm rcx 2.0. We built the ones in the book and then he programmed it on his computer. I had to do quit a bit of looking things up on the internet at first. It works with a windows 2000 and lower, I don't think any higher. Just enter it on google and you have to wade through alot of stuff to find the answers. legomindstorm.com as well as legoeducation.com You can ask them questions and look at postings. We have to build one for 4-h that has a rotational sensor on it. I really had to look for that one, finally bought it on ebay in a ultimate assessory kit 3801. I hope that helps. Pam