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LEGO Sandcrawler Answered

LEGO and Star Wars fans, get ready to have your mind blown!

Flickr member Marshal Banana has created a scale replica of the iconic Sandcrawler, as seen in A New Hope.
There are LED's inside and out, faux weathered exterior, an operable ramp that drops down and even a crane that can lift cargo and place it on a conveyor belt inside. And yes, it moves. The entire project took 9 months to plan and build.

Here's some quick facts about the project, taken from his YouTube video page:
  • Dimensions: 96 cm long, 100.5 cm long (lowered main ramp)
  • Weight: ~20 kg
  • Part count: over 10,000
  • Power functions: 4 xl motors, 5 m motors, 4 receivers, 4 battery packs, 22 Lego LED-lights
  • Powered radio-controlled Functions:
    • driving: forward reverse
    • steering
    • main ramp: up and down
    • crane: up and down, in and out
    • conveyer band: forward and reverse

You can check out his Marshal Banana's Flickr page and see some amazing pictures of the inside of the Sandcrawler, as well as some of his other work.


That. Is. Awesome.

Better then the official set.

nice but u can by this set in stores. Nice banthas :)

you may be able to get one in the shops but it's a lot smaller, and barely to scale.

first oh ya