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OK I HAVE OVER 300 16OZ cans of mtn dew. and they are good and everything only problem is what could i build with it they are not open and they have the dark knight on in so they good. yeah walmart had a deal one sixpack for a dollar so i bought 70 six packs and some extras but im open to any ideas let me know what you think


Sell them and make a profit.


5 years ago


Another choice would be to develop an engine that can run on it.

Some people use them for target practice. They really poof when they get shot.

You can freeze a bunch of them and make a slow motion video of them exploding.

Sell them on E bay, wait, no you can't sell food.

Sell them back to Walmart at the current prices and make a big profit.

Just because something is cheap doesn't necessarily mean it's a good deal. Maybe a 6 pack or two but you realize that you spent over $70 on Mtn. Dew?!
You could pour them all out into the ground and probably be eligible for EPA Superfund Clean Up money.
All jokes aside building something with them when they are pressurized is risky because any sort of puncture will cause a mess and do more damage to whatever you build. There's really little reason to keep them full, the compression strength of the can comes from it's shape, not it's contents or pressurization.