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Lacquer/Enamel for Brass? Answered

I'm looking for a clear, tough coating for polished brass, to stop it from tarnishing.
Initially I thought clear nail polish would do the trick, but it turns out it's not as tough as I thought... it'll rub off in places within about a month, from what I'm planning to do with it.
Could anyone else give me a few suggestions/links as to what I can buy/use along these lines?



Trouble is that no matter what you put on eventually it wears off and you have to remove it to try again.

The hard the material you put on the harder it is to get off eventually.

I would seriously suggest clean the brass and simply polish it every week - It will look a lot better.

Look for a "twin-pack" polyurethane, (do POR15 do a clear poly U? )or a clear epoxy - try one of the West system ones.