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Lady Liberty, Ten Times Larger! Answered

A maze featuring a recreation of the Statue of Liberty 10 times larger than the original has been unveiled in Yorkshire.

Composed of more than a million living maize plants and covering about 18 acres, is one of the biggest mazes ever constructed.

With a length of 1,300ft it dwarfs the real Statue of Liberty, which is just 111ft high.

"As a 'new' York Maze it seemed appropriate to base this year's design on New York," Mr Pearcey said.

"I also wanted to mark the links between York and New York.

"The Statue of Liberty is an instantly recognisable image and makes a great maze."

Stephen Briganti, president and chief executive of The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation, in New York City, said: "We are so pleased to see that the Statue of Liberty is being celebrated in such a unique way in York.

"Lady Liberty stands as a symbol for all the people in the world but it is especially gratifying to see her linking Old York with New York."

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(This post quoted from Daily Telegraph )


hmmm what is the address of this place... i want to look it up on Google maps


See Nacho's post further down - it shows as a Viking ship at the moment. When Google Earth catches up with the maze, it will be in a different location as well, nearer to the air museum.

Listen here, you brit! You are not allowed to post about this sort of stuff! You are not an american, and therefore can't post american things! go post about tea or talking with an accent, brit! Catch the reference?

What's that got to do with Lady Liberty being french? lol

Don't worry, if Skate returns to this post, he will probably be as befuddled as before

I am Kidding, Skate !


. Her "crown" and head are just below the dark line toward the upper left corner. The torch is in the area above the dark line. The "star" is close to her belly button (as pointed out by Kiteman). Her feet would be in the lower right corner.

Right on, I hope they get that on google earth ...

. Go to Google Maps.
. Find Osbaldwick, UK
. Find intersection of A64 and A1079/Hull Rd (due East of Osbaldwick)
. Look to the SW of intersection.
  • Shows a Viking ship right now

Thanx, and it's just some times the images on Google earth are a few years old ( I know the image of my house is over two years old )

A colleague looked at their house on GE, the car in the drive was red, and they hadn't owned a red car for six years.