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Lamp Shade Out of MRI Image Film? Answered

I have a set of MRI scans of my knee. I make lamps and want to make a lamp shade out of these scans. A friend says, no - they will burst into flames. Another pal says, yes - go for it, get an old lampshade from Salvation Army, remove the cloth and clip the MRI scans to the wire armature. Oh, and if I make one, to be sure to use a low watt bulb. I think the scans are cool. But if they burst into flames, that would be bad. So - any idea how this could safely be done? Thanks.



I wonder how well Acetate would work ?

just get a white lapm shade, place the film around it done!

I am not sure, but if the film sheets are made of heat resistant plastics 135 (a type of vinyl? ) you may be ok. But I am not 100% positive on that

Yeah, I'm not sure what type of plastic is used in modern films. But it hasn't been nitrocellulose for decades. The insurance companies wouldn't allow it. ;-)

Just think, if it DID burst into flames, you'd have an article to take to a Burning Man one day ;-)

Maybe when they hold Burning Man at Wounded Knee.... :p

Well, you are a lot closer than I am ;-)

Use a low wattage CFL or even an LED type light bulb, and most modern films are an acetate base so they are affected by moisture and over time that will decompose the film, but you should get a few years out of a film (( ideally you want it under 21 deg c and RH of 20 % or less ))

i think the film will dry out and crack over time. Might not catch on fire but if it starts to dry out and crack you will have a mess on your hands.

. I don't think a 100W incandescent would be very safe, but a 20-40W CFL ought to be OK. Let it run for an hour or two (under close supervision) - if you can hold your hand on the film at the end of that time, you're good to go. . I doubt if they will burst into flames (but they might). Probably stink to high Heaven if you get them too hot.

He might even want to hold a flame near it and see what happens. (outside)

I have no clue, but if you do it, post pics! That sounds like a very good idea!