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Lancer Instructional video Answered

Here it is.


Wow, your comment is utterly useless. This video is for people like you who don't shut up about me posting instructions.

What? Backwards? Reverse? @_@ How is that possible?

I tried it, and it Really works! OMG Now i haf 1 lancer!!!!!1 jk

super lolzorz i made liek twenty of them as i has like lotz an lotz of knexs Pwned!

Sorry, but this kinda dropped the knex community down a notch. I was expecting something on how your Lancer worked, it may have impressed me. I could only quote "3:04 minutes of my life wasted". It wouldn't work even if you retitled it Lancer entertainment video. Fail.

Not to beat up on you but I try to keep an open mind on you Knex'ers. If you did post a serious video, maybe the staff will include it on their talks they give. Look up the Instructables video where Canida is at Google showing off a knex gatling gun. Your post does show up as recent in the forums to be seen by all so you would get a reaction from the die-hard non-knexers reinforcing the attitude they have. Put something better up next time. I would take a look.

you are basing this on one video. Look at most of the other videos: most are serious

True, I just happen to come across this one because it was posted as a community topic and it seems that Knex'ers are always trying to gain some respect or credibility. If was an inside Knex joke, I don't think I got it.

i saw sorrymrps comment on youtube youre all evil all of you!!!


9 years ago

omg this vid is soooo h4x0rz!!!!11!!ONE!!!!1111one! i watchz its in reverse and i makes lancer!!!!!Oneoneone!!11!!11 iz sooooooooooo kool!!!!111!!1!one

the music is f***ed up...

Lmao, just noticed this video (on youtube) is rated 4 and a half stars, I'ma rate it 5 on youtube too =D.

I'm going to be completely honest, this was one of the funniest videos I've ever seen.

You do have to admit, that first part i posted was pretty good.

"You do have to admit, that first part i posted was pretty good." What first part?

The part where you add and divide and multiply those things.

Wow, this video helps alot! I made it, but I had to watch the video in reverse like you said, but then I played it in real time so I could finnish it! But I don't get the video... Lol

Post the lancer! :)

that vid is a bit late....