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Land Area Rrequired to Power 100% of US Onroad Vehicles Answered

This is an interesting image found in a recent Stanford energy seminar on "Review of solutions to global warming, air pollution, and energy security" by Mark Jacobson, available here:

Slides from the seminar, where this image is taken from, are here:

(Courtesy of Gil Masters)



9 years ago

another reason we need more nuclear plants

I read something similar to this awhile ago in a magazine but it was about using algae as fuel. It said we could power all of Americas cars in a rode island sized plant.

It would be interesting to see similar maps for
  • the area required to supply non-vehicle energy needs,
  • how much area is used for food crops
  • how much would be needed to make the US self-sufficient in food production
  • How much area is currently covered by buildings