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Land a helping hand m B.Tech. student want a help for project.. plz do it for me...? Answered

i want to make a bike with more power so plz give me your own ideas.....



I apologize for being rude, but isn't that the purpose of such a homework project?...to think of ideas on your own, to show you have the mettle for the program? What you're suggesting simply allows people who should not be in technical fields into the arena, thereby jeopardizing the safety of consumers and reflecting poorly on our chosen field of endeavor.

Here's my suggestion. Look at the basic bike design and ask this question:

What generates power in the bicycle design?

Using those principles, ask yourself how could you envision increasing the power output.

Write each idea down, no matter how dumb you think it is.

Then go to the internet and perform a search for technical information on the idea(s) you've outlined.

Compare and contrast each in terms of it's efficiency and your ability to actualize the change (the idea's efficacy)

Then choose one and run with it.

Just put a stronger rider on it and bing' you got a bike with more power.

Search the "ride" section, but you should do your homework yourself.

No, you are bone idle and deserve to fail. :-)