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Laptop Monitor Into TV Screen? Answered

My tv is broken (unrelivaent) would there be a way of using my laptop to play my ps3 on? (i have a dell insperon laptop



7 years ago

Or you can use a desktop monitor (it has an HDMI input if its a new monitor, maybe your cable box has one) and get a RGA (or coaxal) to USB (or VGA) adapter but I don't know, but I like to try soon, so tell me if it works!

Unless your laptop is designed for this (maybe it has a TV card in it?), then the answer is no. Why would a laptop behave like a TV otherwise...?


You would need an adaptor that takes RGA video like you will have and converts that to a USB input. The highest resolutions most of these can stream is around 640x480 at 30 frames a second. Expect to spend in the $25-$50 range for these.

Example One
Example Two

...and the lag is awful -- making most gaming unreasonably bad.

Probably not, but what ports do you have on your laptop?