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Laptop Suggestions? Answered

Recently I graduated high school, and I am now about to be a Freshman in college.  I was wondering if the Instructables Community could be nice enough to suggest a good computer to an incoming Freshman.

I will be majoring in Broadcast Telecommunications and Mass Media, with a minor in Computer Science so I am going to need something that can handle video editing and storage pretty well.  Also, I am an avid PC gamer, so something that can handle games like Team Fortress 2 and Borderlands (just to name a few) would be great.  

This is what I've been looking at and unless I can get any better suggestions, this is what I will probably get

Thanks for helping me out Instructables!

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orksecurity (author)2011-07-05

Determine what software you're going to want to run.

Look at the specs on that software to find out what its minimum requirements are.

Make sure that the machine you're going to buy meets all the requirements for all those programs.

If at all possible, test games on that machine in the store before buying, since they tend to push a machine harder than most other applications.

Be aware that laptops are subject to having their processor speed throttled back if they start to overheat, which makes laptop performance much harder to predict than desktop.

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sjo232 (author)orksecurity2011-07-06

good to keep in mind, thank you for your help

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Vyger (author)2011-07-05

I don't really like Lenovo, and this one is a wimp compared to this one for almost the same price

The above has a 17.3 inch screen and also has HDMI. They have 4 17 inch models, the above is the cheapest of them. I have the $1400 one and I am impressed by it. My son used it last week to render a large video and it worked flawlessly. I have been getting Sager notebooks for a long time. They are a good small company. The notebooks are made in Taiwan (all notebooks are) and shipped here bare bones. Sager then customizes them to what you are looking for. The best thing is their service and warranty. I had a customer who got one through me and it died. The board went bad. One call to Sager and I had an RMA in less than 10 minutes. I shipped it out that day, they received it, rebuilt it and sent it out again IN THE SAME DAY. In a little more than a week it was back and completely rebuilt and never failed again. Nobody else has that kind of service. So, I recommend that you get the best Sager you can afford.
When you take the bottom off of mine as you can see its all copper. It also has an extra drive bay for a second hard drive.

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sjo232 (author)Vyger2011-07-06

wow thanks, i'll take a look at these

thanks for the help!

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zack247 (author)Vyger2011-07-06

DX that makes my little gateway t-16 look like a spec of dust!
although my gateway is all copper too, my 14" is no match for your laptop, im envious!

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Vyger (author)Vyger2011-07-05

If you can afford the better one, its made for gaming.


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