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Laptop battery loosing performance? Answered

I jut got my new laptop. My questions is how do i prevent my battery from loosing performance? I know that my battery wont stay at the same performance level for a long time, but i would like to slow the proces down. I take my laptop to school mon-fri. one thing i do is to unplug the power source when the battery is fully charged (otherwise i think it damages the battery), and recharges the battery when power is low.

Are there other ways to treat the battery so it doesn't loses performance as fast?
What do you do/think?


1). Lithium Ions can be ruined if the voltage drops below a certain level, avoid letting your laptop battery drain completely and repeatedly.

2). If you plan on not-using the notebook battery for a month or longer then fully charge the laptop battery, then store it in a cool and dry place. The laptop battery will lose its charge while stored and will need to be re-charged before you begin using it again

3). After storing a laptop battery and re-charging, it may only re-charge for 10-15 minutes and then claim the notebook battery is fully charged, this is a common phenomenon in rechargeable laptop batteries, to overcome this simply remove the laptop battery and then re-insert it to initiate the charging process again

From: http://www.laptop-battery.sg/

What you're doing is probably the best. Drain the battery as far as you can ("deep discharge"), then fully charge it before using it again. Leaving the "charger" plugged in after the battery is charged should be irrelevant -- the battery package contains circuitry to stop charging when it's full.


To a strong extent, Lithium has no memory, so you can run it between 50-60% for its entire life (not that you would) without it developing a memory -- however -- lithium also has a finite Charge Cycle lifespan. so regardless of how much you add or remove, it can only be charged so many times. This is one thing the protection circuitry does is count the charge cycles and thats why lots of lithiums go from 'decent' to 'takes zero charge' -- because after that lifespan it sporadically explodes much more often.

"To a strong extent, Lithium has no memory"

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Don't let the battery get hot. Overheating a battery will kill them so when your useing the laptop make sure it's getting plenty of airflow. Learned this the hard way.