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Laptop connection for Xbox Live with Clear card Answered

I have a laptop with Windows 7 or Vista, and currently has a Clear Card for Internet. Do i need a Router to have Xbox Live? Or Just "Bridge Connections" blah blah without router?


bridge connections.

ok, so no router neccesary.. now the "Bridging connections"' things that i've seen havent really been specific or not as too if they use a clear card, landline, or router so would you know a good site to go, for bridging connections?

instructables has several how-to guides to connect your 360 thru a laptop.

i realize, but i am not for sure if any talk about having a clear card

Exact same -- in>>bridge>>out.

Internet is awesome.

hmm.. ? i understand this is probably easy stuff for you but i would deeply appreciate just one detailed answer