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Large LED diffusers Answered

I'm working on a project where I need large rectangular LED diffusers, about 2" x 0.5". I don't have much depth (about 0.5") to work with. Is there something I can buy, or something I can make that will act as a large enough diffuser? Thanks


use transparent cover and a flat bright surface behind it light the surface with the led (keep the led out of direct view)

Alright, so what is is for: I've built a microcontroller circuit that outputs status to 7 leds, and I want to fit the whole thing into a fairly tight (width and depth) pre-fab case. Its important that the LED panels are evenly lit (well, important for aesthetics). I bought a sheet of ceiling light diffuser, and that starts to give the effect that I'm going for (its very good at diffusing in a short distance), but I was hoping for something a bit smoother. The milk jug idea is a start, but the point source nature of the light source is very obvious. I'll try the cast hot glue when I get a chance. Can anybody elaborate on the "diffuse the LED [myself]" comment? Thanks for the feedback so far, I appreciate it!

Try two pieces or layers of diffuser plastic. It might dim the leds but you get a more even glow. Looking at GM's chicken scratch comment, maybe he meant to use sandpaper or file to scratch up the LED lens or cover itself to diffuse the bright spot.

use something transparent like pieces of CD or CD box and light the led into the edge of it scratch from the back side a shape you want to glow or sand it evenly to get diffused light cast hot glue is nice too

Hot glue, epoxy, silicone caulk How i would make it; get a milk jug, cut out the desired size of the diffuser then hot glue the led to it! you might have to use more then one LED

You could just diffuse the LED yourself..

They sell replacement sheets of plastic diffusers used in suspended ceiling panel lights. Maybe they have some discarded ones in an office building that you can get a hold of to cut up. They are normally 2 feet wide x 4 feet long. If not, take a piece of plastic from some packaging and scruff it up with sandpaper.