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Laser knife that cuts? Answered

Does anyone know how to make a small handheld laser knife that cuts like a engraver but more handheld and able to adjust power? thanks!


Sorry to sink your boat, man, but unless you wanna buy something like a 100-200mW laser from dealextreme.com (given you're not from the US, they don't ship those to here), 1. a laser like that would be preetttty expensive 2. you would probably need some kind of permit 3. you would need special safety glasses that prevent certain wavelengths of lasers from reaching your eyes. Even if you had that, others around you without glasses, even just staring at the reflection, would be harmed 4. if you want one to cut metal, wood, or even some thin plastic, you still would need a powerful, bulky (thus non-handheld) power supply, or else obtain some secret tiny powerful power supply from some secret gov't agency (jk. don't. idk if it even exists XD). so yeah, just my own 2c

Yep.  But a hand held laser that powerful is WAY too dangerous to have.  Infinitely more dangerous than a knife since it reaches WAY out there.