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Latching Laser Alarm? Answered

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I'm here again guys to ask you this question, will this circuit work? More Importantly, is the LDR placed correctly? 'cauz I'm having doubts on this circuit :S  And I'm going to make a PCB for it, and I'm too lazy to test it on a bread board (too lazy to solder wires on parts with big pins, e.g. DC Jack). If this circuit will not work I'm going to switch to relay laser alarm types. Just give me the answer please. Thanks :D 

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jduffy54 (author)2013-04-14

yeah, its fine. It will work, depending on your load. What do you plan to switch on with this? If it's more than 150mA or 20V, have the load be a relay, and have that switch whatever it is.

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