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Latte Printer Answered

Computer based automation projects really interest me. DIY laser cutters, circuit board routers, plotters and now finally for those baristas that want to take it to the next level there is a Latte Printer.

Here's some sweet photo's of this latte maker in action at SIGGRAPH 2008.

Along the same lines of Coffee and Technology. Here's someone who used a high powered laser to heat his Nescafe.

This teapot is very famous. It's called the Utah Teapot and it is often used as a "hello world" project for imaging programs.

via neatorama


Starbucks should buy technology, then their customers can be briefly amused before they take a swig of brunt swill.

Well now, brunt means "main impact" and swill is what you feed pigs, so it would follow that it's the impact of drinking pig food.

You could have blamed the mispronunciation on a ~~brunt~~ burnt tongue.

What in the world?!?!! A teapot printed on coffee????? Why would someone want to print a cup of coffee?!?

yummy coffe but i dont now hw this can be art???

many foods, especially gourmet foods are considered "art" :-)

That teapot is a classic example used when demonstrating the quality of graphics. I have seen them a lot when learning about 3d computer graphics.

The Teapot was the first rendered object in 3D. You'll see them subtly historically referenced in every Pixar move. Siggraph 2008 had one of these printers in a booth..

I know that. Every OpenGl programmer knows that if he has used glut.

Indeed! It would be like tattooing a picture of a cat onto a dog.

You just couldn't drink that, it's a work of art! Very special, such a cool machine! :D


9 years ago


And I thought the old way of using a chopstick was cool...

Oh, I've just had an idea for a gimmick: they print a random phrase on your coffee, the kind of thing you get in a fortune coffee or those daily-tear-off calenders.

A teapot.

Printed on coffee.


on the froth of the latte I believe, usefulness at present, near 0, but who knows what may come from this ;-)

Yep, makes a lot of sense if you've ever studied computer graphics. Hee... also Lena Soderberg... She's famous too...


9 years ago

It would be cool to make a chocolate syrup based ink too. Thanks for bringing this important invention to my attention!

It would be cool to make a chocolate syrup based ink too.

Then we could "print" on our ice cream sundaes :-)