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Lawn Torch with Big Flame That Lasts Awhile Answered

I want to make a big torch that lasts a long time and is inexpensive. Does anybody have any ideas? I was thinking that I could use a coffee can for a container for the fuel and a big piece of cotton for the wick. I saw a pretty neat torch on this website but I don't think that it would last for hours.



11 years ago

Thanks for the replies. It warmed up a little bit today so I tested a cotton shirt for a wick. Your suggestion was a good one in regards to not using a cheap wick. I just wanted to see how bad it would be. The next day it warms up a bit I'll do some tests with a real wick. I'm a bit timid (right now at least)to test anything with a propane tank.

Or, perhaps a propane tank and tube setup? A full size tank can last quite a while.

My idea would be to take a bottle necked jug of some sort, fill it with whatever fuel you want, then stick a hollow or aluminum rod in there, with some kind of real wick(not cheap) like the one in the breathing fire instructable. Youd have your very own extra large oil lamp, which have pretty big flames at their normal size.