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Layout changes not mentioned in Rachel's update Answered

There were two fairly substantial (from the user's perspective) changes that Rachel forgot to mention in her Site Update post.

First, by moving the search box and button up to the masthead, they have also eliminated the old-style "graphical search" interface completely.  It doesn't even show up as an alternative when a Google-driven search is made.  This has already led to two user complaints (here and here). Could the old-style interfce at least be put back on the search results page?

UPDATE 17 Aug 2010: The "graphical search" link is back on the search-results page.

Second, the interface when you first read an Instructable has been cleaned up substantially. All the steps, with photos and hover-text, are still there, but instead of a truncated table of contents (only the first ten steps), now the full intro and first step are shown immediately. It'll take a bit of getting use to for the old-timers, but I think it's a better interface for new users.

Thanks to Rachel for getting these updates out, and especially for answering (pun intended) some of the requests from the community!



7 years ago

Also, if you view allsteps by default and click on step one in an instructable, it scrolls down to it instead of loading a new page.

Now that's cool! In fact, it does that for any of the steps. Makes much more sense than loading a new page and having to go back.

I was just using step one as an example. Great cool feature anyway. Pretty big new update. Why don't they let you comment directly on the update forum topic?

So it doesn't get hijacked by complainers and trolls. Think of it as an "Announcements" forum, rather than a "Discussion" forum.

That's kind of what I thought. I think another non-mentioned one is that for instructables, 40 comments are shown on one page, instead of 50, and orange boards have 100. Is that new, or did I just not realize it before?

And they just added Food as a new channel. Pictures of the homepage now and of a few hours ago.

New Picture (7).bmpNew Picture (8).bmp

Thanks for the heads-up! That may be the fastest bug report yet :-)

It's a bug? I thought since we had a lot of food instructables, they added it as a whole channel.

No, see my posting. You told me about Food, and I discovered they had extra Desserts :-)


7 years ago

I really have to start writing up the site updates in advance. Thanks for mentioning these!

No problem! Perhaps a better comment would be, "I really have to stop work earlier in the day." ;-D

By "us," I presume you mean "the money."

Why are all your videos (that I've seen you put up) older than me?

Despite that; it's weird to see an average street where everyone's wearing clothes that most people wouldn't be seen in dead. Good find! :D

Um, maybe because I'm older than you? And possibly older than your father? :-D

Ooh! That reminds me; what ought I get him for his 50th?

Hmmm....Nutella? Nah....Vegemite? Nah...An obedient and respectful son? Bingo!

On the up side, I am not older than your father :-D