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Leaking PVC Soil Pipe Answered

The PVC soil pipe under our bathroom has developed a slow leak. This pipe is inaccessible as it runs under a platform that lifts the bathroom above the concrete floor of our enclosed garage. It may be a crack in the pipe (unlikely) or a connection between the tub and the main pipe (more likely). Is there a liquid sealant that I can pour into the tub drain that will seal this obviously small opening?



This is an old question, but someone may offer residential "pipe-lining" services in your area. Make sure they're licensed plumbers...

There is only one way to fix that.
Pull up the floor boards and fix it.
Then put down new floor.
If you want to take a shortcut.
Fill the room with TNT and touch it off, because there is only one way to fix your problum.


5 years ago

I will suggest you to hire plumber at earliest as water makes it own way, might effect your home platform and this slow leakage can cost you more.

I do not think there is - anything that you pour down there to set will also block the pipe.

Plumbing fitting vary widely around the world, especially in bath tubs - could you post a picture of the situation?