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'Leather' channel under 'Workshop'? Answered

I believe a 'Leather' channel under the 'Workshop' category would be a good idea. I say this, because I'm often looking for leather-related instructables, and I suspect that many other people are, too. Leatherworking is as much its own specialized skill as sewing, woodworking, electronics, etc. Maybe you could even inaugurate the grand opening with a contest. :)


Good idea, I used to do lots of leather work especially when I was with a charity group years ago traveling the country doing western shows.
I have made all sorts of things from simple tool holders to gunbelts, holsters & on one occasion a set of laminated leather grips for one of my Colt revolvers.
I have seen a few ibles' involving leather work but a channel for them & perhaps a competition to launch it would be great.

I have a revolver I've been wanting to make a holster for. Any suggestions? I have only limited experience working with leather, but I have a good supply of tools and materials. I never thought of using leather for the grips. That's a good idea.

It must be close to 15 years since I last made one & all mine were based on ones from the old west.
The basic rules are to start with good quality strong leather, it is possible to make a holster from thin jacket leather but it will always need a secondary material to give it support & seldom wears or lasts as long as decent leather formed to the gun.
Hand stitching is best, if you have not stitched leather before practice on scraps maybe start with a belt or tool pouch.
Keep your tools sharp, leather is a natural material & it can have soft spots, believe me you don't want to find one while you are working with a knife that takes a lot of pressure to cut, at best you will end up with a cut in your material you didn't want at worst you could end up in the emergency room.
I always use waxed thread, it lasts longer than plain cotton & passes through the leather much easier, if I can't find what I need or only need a small amount I make my own, you can find plenty of information on how to do this online that will describe the process better than I can here.
See if you can get hold of a model or replica of your revolver to use as a former, all my holsters were formed to the gun they were intended for this reduces friction on the gun but also ensures a good fit.
A good soak in a bucket of hot water for an hour or two will make your holster soft enough to form to the gun then leave it in there until the leather has dried fully, always let it dry naturally in a place with plenty of ventilation. There are plenty of 'ibles that will show various methods of forming & lots of info on the interweb do a little reading & find something that suits your needs.
I found a good source of materials to be my local shoe repair shop, I am fortunate that Vito who runs it is a really nice guy who prefers the old school methods & is always keen to pass on his knowledge; he can make pretty much anything you like from a pouch for you Leatherman to a saddle & has helped me out with the odd stud or eyelet more times than I care to remember very often free of charge.
I think working with in a craft he loves has made him a very contented man; he has been in the same shop since I was a kid yet he now looks younger than me, perhaps he has a painting hidden in an attic someplace :-)
Try your local shoe repair place or if you have one a saddlers for scrap materials you can practice on, you may even get pieces large enough to make the whole holster from.
If you want to decorate your holster I sawthis 'ible by cbm 104 a while back which I thought was a fun way of personalising your work.
Finally have a good look around Instructables, there are a lot of very skilled & resourceful people out there who are on this site because they want to both expand their knowledge & pass on their own.
Good luck with it don't forget to take pictures & publish your efforts in an 'ible.

I agree. A leather craft channel would be great.

That's not a bad idea. I'll bring this up at work and see if there's a reason we don't have one.