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Leatherman Contest? Answered

Hey everyone, I had an idea. I always see all of these contests on here, and the instructables are great, but theres one contest that i have yet to see. A leatherman (or Multitool) contest! I can guarantee that atleast 75% of the instructables community owns and carries a leatherman/multitool, so why not see what great ideas they can come up with. A Leatherman has a million uses, so why not see the most creative things that can be made either entirely from a multitool, or modifications and accessories we can make for them. Its worth a shot,  so whos in?


So who can I contact to try and get this going?


Make sure you include a reason for the contest, suggest a prize structure etc. Have a look at past contests and challenges to get an idea of the scale of prizes vs entries.

It seems like such an obvious contest subject, doesn't it? They're designed to be used to do the types of things we all come here to learn how to do.

There's a thousand things I could potentially do with mine...the problem would be choosing something that would turn out best (and finding the time to document it).

How has this never been thought of before? Love it

They used to offer Leathermen as prizes, back in the old pre-sponsorship days.

I know that, but as the subject of the contest is a cool idea.

I think this is an excellent idea!

Heck I used two of them today just tinkering around, lol. This contest is a great idea! I like the most creative project idea, but had one question : Would an overall project theme along with the tool restriction be too constricting on instructable's creative potential? I was wondering if the contest could be a "leatherman only" papercraft or woodworking or even a sculpture theme (Something that seems unfathomably when you first see the finished project, "He/She only used a leatherman to make that!!" ) . Just something that possibly gives that extra level of challenge in the contest. Although, leaving the contest as the open "leatherman only" rules allows for the same amount of creativity. Really though, you have an excellent idea and it has the potential for an unprecedented entry amount.

Well I thought about that, but I figured I could just leave it open to interpretation, it could be anything multitool oriented, people on here are very smart and extremely creative, that's why its an open idea, I like to see the things people come up with

I Completely agree, the amount of creativity on this site will produce some extremely impressive and inspiring results. I can't wait.