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Leatherman Juice? Answered

Are they going to be offered as for contests prizes again? =)

(well, not specifically Juice) ;-)


can any one tell me how to get the instructables leatherman!!!!!

I think they should give out swiss army knives. I have one, but it's like the worst one you can get. Plus, i didn't even buy it.

I need a new subscription to Make ~hint~..

I think they should give those away again. I want one. :P Along with the "My Special Stapler".

Special Stapler- That reminds me that I made an automatic staple shooter once... It shot 5 staples a second, and they went about 20 feet.

By the way, I do wish they would give them away again.

Turn that Leatherman over - what does it say on the other side?

Haha! yes, it does! (or, it is!) xD

google> kiteman+leatherman site:www.instructables.com =P


Points emphatically with meerschaum pipe

(Actually, that's the first time I've caught somebody pinching one of my images on the web)

Good...Our caution has paid off.
Quick, guys! Change the domain! He's on to us!

Oh, and I meant to make note of this a while ago. I'm finally catching up to you. Okay, so it's a Squirt S4, not a Juice C4, and it's used and abused, and it was five bucks on eBay, but it's the most useful little tool I've ever owned. Figures that I can't take it to school.*

*The district administrative handbook has three definitions for a weapon; the Federal Gun-Free Schools Act includes a knife with a blade that can be automatically opened by a spring or by gravity; the Disabilities Something or Other Act says all knives, except those with a blade under 2.5 inches, and the Board of Education simply says "a knife." I'd argue that, since it is advertised as a multitool, not as a knife, and the blade is 1.5 inches long, it does not meet any of the definitions, but a senior was already suspended for carrying a switchblade this year. Hmph.

squirt open.JPG

Have you tried asking permission to bring your juice?

Explain that it is a tool, not a weapon, demonstrate that the blades do not pop out, but instead take a moment's work to open.

Show them your work on 'ibles to prove your need for a handy tool.

Then tell them that Kiteman said it's OK, see how that goes down.

(Oh, and I think #1 son has us both beaten on the knife front - we bought him a Gerber Crux for Christmas, and now I'm jealous)

This probably sounds like one of your typical no-homework excuses, but honestly, I don't know who to ask.

Also, I don't see how they could give just me permission. For starters, how would the teacher who caught me fixing a crappy locker with my Deadly Weapon of Death? Would I have to get some sort of concealed-carry permit from the administration? What do they say to the other students who see me using it, and want to carry their comparatively useless Victorinox, which has "chopping thing" listed as Number One Use? I think that it would be a lot easier to get permission from the administration than it would be to deal with students and teachers who don't know that I had permission later on.

Oh, and my dad and sister both carry Gerber Clutches now. We weren't sure if we should trust tools made by a baby food company until we realized that it's a different Gerber, and a subset of Fiskars.

I would go right to the top, ask the head teacher, and if you're going to be fixing lockers etc, why not propose that you be appointed some sort of (unpaid) student janitor?

You would, of course, end up fixing all the lockers...

rofl! Guess how I knew where to get an easy picture of an iBle engraved leatherman. :P

I love the Juice. It is by far my favorite tool. Every time I use it, I am like, "Damn, this thing is so cool!"

i hope so. i lost my cheap useless multi-tool a while ago.