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Leaving Answered

I'm leaving. Not a joke. I may check my account every month or so, but I will barely be doing anything here.



"I'm leaving"

I don't think anybody who has said this so far has left for more than a few hours.

It's ironic that the people who I consider to have truly "Left", like Perfect Duck, don't make fancy pants forum topics announcing it.

Welcome to Instructables!

Seriously.. my joke. Leave it alone.

Yeah, let's have everybody who comments on the next one use it.

Dont let the door smack your arse on the way out.

If you stick around checking your account frequently, barely doing anything here must mean you are doing a bit of something, so you are not really leaving.

No, the correct expression by all would be, Meh.

You see, everytime a K'nexer announces they are leaving, they have to try to convince people it is not a joke because that is what it has become.  Parade on.


7 years ago