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Leaving K'nex Answered

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I don't think I'll be on ibles anymore, there are just more important things in my life than K'nex.  Sorry if this looks like i'm just trying to get publicity too, I'm not.  And if you think I'm fake, then I must be the best faker in the world.

PS.  If you're interested in buying some of my K'nex or all of it, please let me know.  I have about 15 pounds, and if anyone is interested in buying I might do a full piece count.


Its a sad day when instructables loses another knex builder considering I'm ten and hiyadudez is what?, 83 I might have 5 years +
about the 83 thing jk

lol I never really left, I just stopped posting.

im remaking my p90 now!

lol, are you staying of going?

I'm leaving K'nex, not the site

ok, my p90 is also having real mags!

If you actually go through with not knexing any more, I'll headshot you with the Heavy Crossbow. SIX TIMES.

... Took that apart, so you're just going to be sniped.

lol how come i dont remember u commenting on any of my stuff? have u ?

No, not really. I don't comment that often any more, except for ongoing conversations.

No!!! Not you too!!!! First kNeXfReek, then Randomguy56, SA21 is leaving! You CAN'T GO!!! Oh, and could I have maybe a few pounds of your knex?

How much do you want and how much are you willing to pay ?

Oh like 2000, you give the price, but I trust you will be reasonable.

I'm not really sure. I've never sold or bought K'nex lots before.

Never mind, give it all to cheesy dude.


8 years ago

:-( Aww.... Oh well. Good bye (well not really, you'll still be on skype right?) Well have fun with what ever you do in life! I'll miss you and bye!

I stopped going on skype lol


8 years ago

same as me...

And a lot of other people too. Lots of people seem to be quiting now.

i know, so is megametal8


8 years ago


What? And just as I send you a patch!

There is a lot more to this site than K'NEX - a lot more.

I think I will do other things, but not too much. I`m done with K'nex though, not instructables. I`ll change the name of the topic to fix that confusion.

Yays, so you will still be on? I am, to be honest getting bored of my knex, so I might do other instructables. You really should look at the stuff on here IT IS FRIGGIN AMAZING, we think 4.4 stars is good, non- knex get over 100,000 views and some up to 4.7 stars!!

lol yup :) I kind of need to stay just to reply to my comments.

You're a fake MotaBoi's computer is broken XD Barrax is looking after his account lol btw if Im wrong goodbye and ty 4 the intervention!