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Led Clock, Need Help. Using Arduino Answered

i want to make a clock where there is a led blue or clear marking each hour around a circle, the led is on for that hour and then moves to the next led in the circle for the next hour.  pretty simple.  it will look kind of like an analog clock except without the hands.  for the minutes, i want the same leds as the hours to light up but since there will only be twelve, it will only be accurate within 5 minutes.  the minutes need to light up less bright that the hours so that i can differentiate between the two.  I have an arduino uno, breadboard, resistors and leds.  Please Help!!!


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Get yourself some serial LED drivers. I like the Toshiba TB62706 or any of Allegro's parts they still deign to make, like the A6282,

Serial drivers are great - you can driver your 72 LEDs with only three wires on your arduino. You need 5 drivers to do it.